2021 Club Deck by Stockholm17


Created and printed by Stockholm17 (Lorenzo Gaggiotti) and William Kalush (Expert Playing Card Company) exclusively for 52 Plus Joker. This limited edition deck is a fantastic representation of the world’s greatest playing card collector’s club. Fully customized. 1st print run of  999 numbered decks (SOLD OUT).

2nd print run of 500 unnumbered decks. Limited to one deck per member.

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-52 + two Jokers
-Gold-dipped pips
-Textured tuck box
-Double cellophaned
-Manufactured in China
-Printed on Classic Stock
-Gold hot foil on the tuck
-Stockholm17 fully customized courts
-Special Spade die-cut on tuck face
-Original, two-piece tuck construction
-Gold cold foil on both sides of the cards
-Sealed with a fancy unnumbered custom-shaped label

Weight 4 oz