2022 Club Deck by Jody Eklund


Created and printed by Jody Eklund (Black Ink Branded) and William Kalush (Expert Playing Card Company) exclusively for 52 Plus Joker. It’s a superb deck that embodies the world’s greatest playing card collector’s club. Fully customized. Print run of 1500 numbered decks.

Limited to two decks per member.

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-52 + Two Jokers
-Regal & Refined Customized Court Cards With Classic Gameplay Style
-Full Flood Foil On Both Sides Of The Cards
-Beautiful Borderless Back Design
-Printed On Classic Finish Stock
-Tuck Box Made of Soft Touch Stock That Has Pillow-like Embossing And Red & Gold Hot Foils
-Custom 52 Plus Joker Seal
-Special Laser-Cut, Custom-Shaped Band Wrapper Foil-Stamped And Numbered In Foil.
-Sealed With A Fancy Unnumbered Custom-Shaped Label
-Manufactured In China

Weight 4 oz