52 Plus Joker 2020 Online Convention

> Wed. Oct. 14th – Sat. Oct. 17th <

Virtually meet legendary collectors & designers, hobnob with premier card manufacturers, and talk playing cards with other enthusiasts for four days!

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NOTE: During the above dates, we will get together using the online video conferencing platform ZOOM. More info to follow. Stay tuned.

Convention Fee: FREE

Playing Card Collectors Unite!

Join Us Online For Events Such As:

Informative Lectures

Learn great information about playing cards, direct from the experts. We host six wonderful guest speakers to cover a variety of interesting card topics.

Mega Auctions *

Looking for hard-to-find playing cards and related items? You've come to the right place. Our mega auction this year will amaze and astound you.

New Deck Launches

Artists from around the world plan to launch their new masterpieces for us. Normally, you have to be at our convention to witness this.

2020 Club Deck Sale *

We announce this year's club deck in all its glory, then happily offer it to our membership. Buy this year's club deck.

Virtual Collection Visits

A brand new edition to our playing card convention. Imagine touring some of the finest collections in the world.

Diamond Awards

Our club's finest hour where we award Deck of the Year, Artist of the Year and the Dawson Award to those deserving.

Table Spotlight *

During our four-day celebration, we will have official time for selling, trading and searching out card treasure.

Virtual Factory Visits

Another brand new edition to our playing card convention. Imagine touring famous playing card factories around the world.

Plus Much More

We haven't announced everything yet because we're still finalizing everything. Get ready. You're going to love what's in store.

*NOTE: Certain events (denoted with a *) are for membership only. Due to our US tax status, we cannot take monies from any non-club member. If you want to be part of the events with a * by their name, please join the club. Also, events are subject to change without notice.

What's in store for this year's convention?

Take a moment to download this year’s virtual convention schedule. Please note that events are subject to change without notice.

52 Plus Joker 2020 Mega-Auction

Day 1 Action: Oct 14th at 3:30pm EDT – Lots #1-28
Day 2 Auction: Oct 15th at 1:30pm EDT – Lots #29-50
Day 3 Auction: Oct 16th at 6:00pm EDT – Lots #51-80
Day 4 Auction: Oct 17th at 12:05pm EDT – Lots #81-114

Lot# 45 - Dougherty Triplicate

ESTIMATE: $145 - $175
- - -
Beautiful deck in this series with very popular animal back. Sparkling gold edges, deck may never have been used. These Triplicate decks are very sought after – don’t miss it.

Lot #43 - Crimea War Deck

ESTIMATE: $900 - $1500
- - -
Very rare deck. Court kings are the rulers of Great Britain, France, Russia and Turkey, queens are their consorts. Aces show battle scenes. Deck is slightly warped, but still a beauty.

Lot #2 - Titans: Robber Barons

ESTIMATE: $25 - $50
- - -
Limited Edition deck by member artist Jody Eklund, #639/1030. Mint sealed in special leather Black Ink case. White Robber Barons band has Jody’s signature on reverse side.

*NOTE: Due to our US tax status, we cannot take monies from any non-club member. If you want to be part of the 52 Plus Joker 2020 Mega-Auction, please join the club. Read more about the 52 Plus Joker 2020 Mega-Auction.

2020 LectureS

Kevin Reylek

Marked Cards

Kevin Reylek

Presents on:
Oct. 14th, 2020 @ 12:30pm EDT

A magician by trade, Reylek discusses an interesting lineage of marked cards made in the Americas. You’ll never guess which old manufacturers are guilty! Don’t worry, Reylek won’t betray any confidences. Though, he plans to show us examples of marked cards from past and present.

Paul Ruccio

Branding Playing Cards

Paul Ruccio

Presents on:
Oct. 14th, 2020 @ 6:00pm EDT

Companies and individuals have been establishing brands for centuries with the help of playing cards. Today’s market is no different. Ruccio, founder of Jetsetter Playing Cards, details what it takes to go from an idea all the way to establishing a brand of playing cards and the pivotal details that helped his way down the runway and into flight.

Michael Slaughter

USPCC President

Michael Slaughter

Presents on:
Oct. 15th, 2020 @ 12:05pm EDT

The President of United States Playing Card Company is coming. We’re going to learn about how he grew up in Norwood across from the factory. He will regale us with stories of his rise to presidency at USPCC. But most important of all, Slaughter is going to unveil his new goal for the old company museum.

Jason McKinstry

Early American Manufacturers

Jason McKinstry

Presents on:
Oct. 15th, 2020 @ 6:00pm EDT

An astute researcher and historian, McKinstry likes to unearth outstanding facts about the original American playing card manufacturers. This information would have made Tom Dawson and Eugene Hochman proud. Now it’s our turn to learn more about the forefathers of our industry.

Patrick Varnavas

Future Playing Card Innovation

Patrick Varnavas

Presents on:
Oct. 16th, 2020 @ 12:05pm EDT

Known as one of the forerunners of the modern Cardistry playing card world, Varnavas understands what drives this niche industry. He also understands which direction it’s headed in. Varnavas explains how the next decade of playing card innovation will come from the cardistry community.

Rory Rennick

Racially Charged Playing Cards

Rory Rennick

Presents on:
Oct. 16th, 2020 @ 8:00pm EDT

Rennick shares his personal journey as he catalogs different representations of black men and women pictured on playing cards. He helps us better understand the history behind racially charged imagery. Rennick educates us on how these ideas were formulated, propagated and evolved over time.

Final Night  > Diamond Awards

It all culminates on Saturday evening!

Deck of the Year

Which pack of cards gets crowned deck of 2019? Only the top percentage get nominated. The best of the best win.

Artist of the Year

Recognized as the most prestigious accolade given to playing card designers in the industry. The artist who wins gets bragging rights for the rest of their life.

Dawson Award

This is the highest honor 52 Plus Joker awards. This is awarded to club members who have made monumental contributions to benefit 52 Plus Joker.

Virtual Convention Thoughts

It will be good to be with a great group of collectors of both decks and single cards! There will be a continued camaraderie with the joining of the two clubs. This should be a great convention!
Barbra Lunaburg - CPCC Historian
Barb Lunaburg
Singles Collector
I’m looking forward to seeing wonderful friends who share my passions & interests in the art and mystique of playing cards. We'll view treasures, share great discussions, laugh and enjoy life!
VP General - Doug Rickenback
Doug Rickenback
Modern Collector
I am looking forward to sharing the art, history, cultural insights and future of an industry that has been a constant part of society for 500 years. Oh yes, and the chance to meet other collectors!
Member - Glenn Currie
Glenn Currie
Antique Collector


Since 1987, 52 Plus Joker has traveled around the Americas, holding our annual playing card convention in a variety of cities.

We’ve Held Our Convention In:

  • 2021 – Niagara Falls, New York
  • 2020 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Postponed due to Covid-19) [Virtual]
  • 2019 – Charlotte, North Carolina
  • 2018 – Cleveland, Ohio (Merger with Chicago Playing Card Collectors)
  • 2017 – Erlanger, Kentucky
  • 2016 – Chicago, Illinois
  • 2015 – Orlando, Florida
  • 2014 – Charleston, South Carolina
  • 2013 – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 2012 – Erlanger, Kentucky (Joint with Chicago Playing Card Collectors)
  • 2011 – Denver, Colorado
  • 2010 – New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 2009 – Toronto, Canada (Joint with International Playing Card Society)
  • 2008 – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 2007 – Westborough, Massachusetts
  • 2006 – Montreal, Canada
  • 2005 – San Francisco, California
  • 2004 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • 2003 – Wilmington, Delaware (Joint with Chicago Playing Card Collectors)
  • 2002 – Atlanta, Georgia
  • 2001 – Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • 2000 – New Haven, Connecticut (Joint with International Playing Card Society)
  • 1999 – Cincinnati, OH
  • 1998 – Toronto, Canada
  • 1997 – Kansas City, Kansas
  • 1996 – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 1995 – Cincinnati, OH (Joint with Chicago Playing Card Collectors)
  • 1994 – Arlington, Virginia
  • 1993 – Kissimmee, Florida
  • 1992 – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 1991 – Cincinnati, OH (Joint with Chicago Playing Card Collectors)
  • 1990 – New Haven, Connecticut
  • 1989 – Indianapolis, Indiana (Joint with Chicago Playing Card Collectors)
  • 1988 – Chicago, Illinois (Joint with Chicago Playing Card Collectors)
  • 1987 – Cincinnati, OH (Joint with Chicago Playing Card Collector