52 Plus Joker
Playing Card Convention

Meet legendary collectors & designers, hobnob with the most premier card manufacturers and talk playing cards with other enthusiasts all night long.

Held At The Hilton DoubleTree
Pittsburgh Green Tree

Oct. 5th – Oct. 8th, 2022

$30 convention fee

The Perfect Location

We’re holding the 52 Plus Joker convention at the Hilton DoubleTree Pittsburgh Green Tree. Our hotel is perfectly situated for our convention needs. It’s located at 500 Mansfield Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15205, USA.

A Unique Experience

52 Plus Joker’s annual convention offers a playing card experience that satisfies antique, vintage, and modern collectors. Whether you collect singles or the entire deck, our friendly get-together makes for a great time!

Lectures and talks held at 52 Plus Joker

A Playing Card Dream

Find decks of cards at 52 Plus Joker’s convention that you’ve only read and/or heard about. You won’t believe what you can discover at one of our events. Trust us. Playing card dreams do come true!

52 Plus Joker Sales, Trading and Display

What Are You Waiting For?

Our 2022 Events

While our schedule is not yet finalized, we expect to unveil the 2022 club deck and several others during the Expert Playing Card Co. reception. We plan to have a handful of exciting speakers, lots of trading, high-paced auctions, fun raffles, a closing buffet banquet that includes the Diamond Awards ceremony, etc. This 2022 convention is shaping up to be one of the most exciting playing card events of the year. Please check back here soon as more information will be posted.

Speakers At This Convention

Judy Dawson - 52 Plus Joker 2021 Convention Speaker


– Saturday, Oct. 8th, 2022 @ 2 PM 

Our club matriarch shares her incredible knowledge about collecting playing card ephemera. Warning! After watching this lecture, you might get an urge to collect ephemera. You’ll see. Don’t miss this talk.


– Friday, Oct. 7th, 2022 @ 1:30 PM 

Toner, the founder of Organic Playing Cards (OPC) shares his unique insights about nurturing a playing card community. He will describe the steps required to initially establish, sprout, and grow a distinctive card brand from scratch.

David Seaney - 52 Plus Joker 2021 Convention Speaker


– Thursday, Oct. 6th, 2022 @ 3 PM 

Known for his meticulously researched articles published in CLEAR THE DECKS, Seaney teaches us about a handful of unsung heroes who helped shape the playing card industry. Prepare to have your mind blown!


– Thursday, Oct. 6th, 2022 @ 2:15 PM 

Liaison to the Chicago Playing Card Collector’s Club reveals her personal history as a life-long singles collector. With the help of Barbara Lunaburg, Dr. Reed intends to illustrate this talk by displaying prime examples from their extensive playing card collections.


– Saturday, Oct 8th, 2022 @ 2:45 PM 

As a creator of over a dozen successful playing card projects on Kickstarter, Jody Eklund knows what it takes to make a spectacular deck of cards. In this interview, Eklund explains how he playfully mixes historical emphasis with a distinct art style seen in all his work.


– Friday, Oct. 7th, 2022 @ 2:15 PM 

Lee Asher, our faithful club President, demonstrates how the internet enables us to discover previously unknown playing card information. Asher will show you the websites he uses to accomplish these feats. All club members have access to the tools he employs.

*Please note, this line-up is subject to change without notice.

Register For The Convention Then Book Your Hotel Room.

Once you register for the convention, you will receive instructions about how to book your hotel room. Everything is held at the Hilton Double Green Tree Pittsburgh, PA hotel. We get a low price of $119+tax (per night). This includes free parking for those who drive. Click the button to register for the convention.

Register first. Then we will send you information about booking your hotel room at the Hilton.

Hotel Amenities

Free Parking

If you're driving to the convention, one expense you don't have to incur is hotel parking. Free for all registered guests.

Complimentary Wifi

It's important to stay in touch with the world. Internet access is complimentary in your hotel room and in all public spaces.

Pets Allowed

Cannot find a sitter for your cat or dog? With prior approval of the hotel, your beloved pets are welcome to come along.

Jacuzzi Tub

After a long day of playing card events, there's no better way to relax than with some hot bubbles. Get in the Hot tub!

Indoor Pool

Stay fit and in shape while attending 52 Plus Joker's convention. Come on in! The water is nice and warm. No splashing!

Business Center

Need to send a quick email but forgot your computer? How about printing an important document? Use this free center.

What's in store for this year's convention?

This schedule is subject to change without notice. 

Final Night  > Diamond Awards

It all culminates on Saturday evening!

Deck of the Year

Which pack of cards gets crowned deck of 2022? Only the top percentage get nominated. The best of the best win.

Artist of the Year

Recognized as the most prestigious accolade given to playing card designers in the industry. The artist who wins gets bragging rights for the rest of their life.

Dawson Award

This is the highest honor 52 Plus Joker awards. This is awarded to club members who have made monumental contributions to benefit 52 Plus Joker.


Most frequent questions and answers
Yes. You must be a current member of 52 Plus Joker to attend this event. If you’re not a member, join now. You may also join in person at the convention.
No. If your spouse or significant other wants to attend the events with you, they may come at no charge. However, if you want them to attend the banquet with you, you’ll need to purchase a banquet ticket for them.
Yes. When you register for the convention, please make a note that you’d like a table. Space is limited so you are only offered a single table. If you require something bigger, please contact us to speak about it.
No. You are not required to attend the closing night banquet. Though, you will miss the Diamond Awards ceremony, a highlight of our convention. Plus, everyone else will be there in attendance. You should buy tickets to the banquet.

Yes. Registration is inexpensive as it is. We don’t have a daily rate. Regardless how long you come, the convention registration price does not change.

Normally, convention registration is $50. This year, we’ve decided to cut the price almost in half to $30. Because there are so many new members this year, lowering the price seems like a perfect way to welcome everyone into the fold. We want you there, and we’re doing everything in our power to make it happen. Register now. See you in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!


Since 1987, 52 Plus Joker has traveled around the Americas, holding our annual playing card convention in a variety of cities.

We’ve Held Our Convention In:

  • 2022 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 2021 – Niagara Falls, New York (Postponed due to Covid-19) [Virtual Convention]
  • 2020 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Postponed due to Covid-19) [Virtual Convention]
  • 2019 – Charlotte, North Carolina
  • 2018 – Cleveland, Ohio (Merger with Chicago Playing Card Collectors)
  • 2017 – Erlanger, Kentucky
  • 2016 – Chicago, Illinois
  • 2015 – Orlando, Florida
  • 2014 – Charleston, South Carolina
  • 2013 – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 2012 – Erlanger, Kentucky (Joint with Chicago Playing Card Collectors)
  • 2011 – Denver, Colorado
  • 2010 – New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 2009 – Toronto, Canada (Joint with International Playing Card Society)
  • 2008 – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 2007 – Westborough, Massachusetts
  • 2006 – Montreal, Canada
  • 2005 – San Francisco, California
  • 2004 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • 2003 – Wilmington, Delaware (Joint with Chicago Playing Card Collectors)
  • 2002 – Atlanta, Georgia
  • 2001 – Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • 2000 – New Haven, Connecticut (Joint with International Playing Card Society)
  • 1999 – Cincinnati, OH
  • 1998 – Toronto, Canada
  • 1997 – Kansas City, Kansas
  • 1996 – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 1995 – Cincinnati, OH (Joint with Chicago Playing Card Collectors)
  • 1994 – Arlington, Virginia
  • 1993 – Kissimmee, Florida
  • 1992 – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 1991 – Cincinnati, OH (Joint with Chicago Playing Card Collectors)
  • 1990 – New Haven, Connecticut
  • 1989 – Indianapolis, Indiana (Joint with Chicago Playing Card Collectors)
  • 1988 – Chicago, Illinois (Joint with Chicago Playing Card Collectors)
  • 1987 – Cincinnati, OH (Joint with Chicago Playing Card Collectors)

Convention Thoughts

It will be good to be with a great group of collectors of both decks and single cards! There will be a continued camaraderie with the joining of the two clubs. This should be a great convention!
Barbra Lunaburg - CPCC Historian
Barb Lunaburg
Singles Collector
I’m looking forward to seeing wonderful friends who share my passions & interests in the art and mystique of playing cards. We'll view treasures, share great discussions, laugh and enjoy life!
VP General - Doug Rickenback
Doug Rickenback
Modern Collector
I am looking forward to sharing the art, history, cultural insights and future of an industry that has been a constant part of society for 500 years. Oh yes, and the chance to meet other collectors!
Member - Glenn Currie
Glenn Currie
Antique Collector

Treat Yourself To 52 Plus Joker's 2022 Playing Card Collectors Convention.