52+Joker Auction Rules - April 24th 2022



This online auction will be run live on Sunday, April 24th, 2022. Each page is listed below on the Auction Home Page, can be viewed through your browser and be downloaded using Adobe Acrobat or Reader, so that you can study the lots in full color at your convenience. We have again been fortunate to get a broad selection of decks.

We strongly suggest you bid online. You will receive a automated acknowledgement of each list of bids received. If you do not receive a response it is because for whatever reason, we did not receive your bids – in which case contact us by email or phone. If you proxy email or mail your bids in and want to be sure they arrived, please call a few days before the deadline. Finally, we will accept telephone bids up to 48 hours ahead of the mail auction start time. Auction schedule will be announced later on the website.

Read the following rules carefully.

We suggest you bid online. However, you can email us your bids before the auction starts. You will receive a personal acknowledgement of each list of bids received. If you do not receive a personal response it is because for whatever reason, we did not receive your bids – in which case contact us by email or phone. If you mail your bids in and want to be sure they arrived, please call a few days before the deadline. Finally, we will accept telephone bids so if you like to put your bidding off until the very end, just call us!


– 52 PLUS JOKER is a nonprofit organization and offers Auctions to enhance the collections of its members, help members dispose of their collections and raise funds to help sustain its operations. Only 52 PLUS JOKER members may bid on the auction items. The closing date for bids to be received for lots in this Auction is 6:00pm CST on Thursday April 21st, 2022. If you have any questions about lots in the Auction or about the rules, you may call or write Steve Bowling during the bidding period.

BIDDING – When you bid by mail (email preferred), please list your name, address and email address (if applicable), and for each item you are bidding on, the lot number, lot name and your maximum bid, and send to;

Steve Bowling’s Contact Info:

email: Steve Bowling (srbbowling@gmail.com) / Tel. 650-814-9653

Steve Bowling
12205 Menalto Drive
Los Altos Hills, CA
USA 94022-4234

Please bid using the following increments:

  • $0 to $100 – $5 increments
  • $100 to $300 – $10 increments
  • $300 to $1000 – $25 increments
  • $1000 + – $50 increments

Bids will automatically be rounded down to the proper increment.

All email bids will be personally acknowledged. In order to avoid any conflict of interest, if they are interested in bidding on any decks, Steve, (Lee Asher), Judy Dawson and Auctioneer
Larry Herold will submit email bids in advance. If an auction lot does not receive any bids, Steve, (Lee), Judy and Auctioneer will be permitted to bid during the live auction event at the convention.

The club may provide Proxies to represent mail and phone bidders, advising Auctioneer of bids as the auction proceeds. Proxies may not bid on their own behalf but may enter a bid 48 hours in advance that will be entered by a different Proxy. All winning mail bids more than 10% in excess of the next highest bid, or minimum bid if there are no other bids, will be reduced to 10% above the next highest bid, or the minimum bid, as applicable. In no case will bidders be notified the number or amounts of competing bids. There will be no price reduction or further offering of auction lots after the closing if the minimum bid is not met.

PAYMENT & SHIPPING – All bidders will be notified by mail or email of their winning bids and amount due. Invoices will be due upon receipt. All lots are to be paid in U.S. currency. Foreign payments can be made by check only if it is in U.S. dollars and if the check specifically states it is cleared through a named U.S. bank. International Money Orders in U.S. dollars will also be acceptable. Both foreign and domestic bidders will be able to use PayPal by directing the payment to payments@52plusjoker.org, adding 4% to the total invoice to cover PayPal charges. If payments are not received within 30 days from the Auction’s closing date, those lots will be returned to the consignor. If items received are not as specified in the Auction listing, you should contact Steve Bowling within a week of receipt to arrange for a refund or price adjustment. U.S. shipments will be made by UPS and the Post Office. All items over $50 in value will be insured within the US. Foreign shipments will, in most cases, be sent by First Class Airmail. The Club will invoice you at approximate cost for the shipping charges plus a $3 handling charge for each package. Please note that international postage rates have increased to approximately $15/$25 for 1 or 2 decks respectively.

We have endeavored to describe all lots carefully so that members can be comfortable when placing their bids that they will receive items in at least as good condition as described. Any lots that are not as described can be returned for refund. Remember all lots are pictured in color on the auction webpage. For each deck listed we have indicated the lot number, its date of manufacture, maker, country of origin, number of cards, condition, condition of the box (if applicable, with OB1 being mint or near mint, OB2 being average with some use or wear and OB3 indicating considerable wear and quite possibly some damage), minimum bid, reference if found and a short description. Most references are to specific listings in the Hochman Encyclopedia of American Playing Cards.